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Another Obama-ite to lead team Charlie Crist


Add another Obama-ite to Charlie Crist's race for Florida governor: Bill Hyers, who most recently ran Bill de Blasio New York City mayoral race.

Hyers, announced as the campaign manager, ran President Obama's Midwest operations in 2008 and his Pennsylvania campaign in 2012. He joins at least seven other Obama campaign folk from Florida mentioned today in this piece.

Florida 2014 won't be like any of those other contests, and Hyers shouldn't expect a cakewalk of an election like NY's mayoral race, where a liberal Democrat was elected in a Democratic city (and faced pervert/jerk Anthony Weiner in the Democratic primary. Albeit, the Democratic primary was still tough and crowded ht Maggie Haberman)

Still, Hyers has experience running tough races, helping Democrat Steve Beshears win in Kentucky in 2011 and current U.S. Sen. Kristen Gillibrand's 2006 election in a contested NY seat (albeit, it was a Democratic wave year).

Hyers role isn't so clear. Crist is the ultimate Florida strategist (he has run statwide five times already and won three different seats) and he has seasoned strategists like Steve Schale and Tallahassee advisor Kevin Cate advising him. So maybe Hyers will keep the trains running on time as Crist chugs along.

Here are the Obama-ites in the Crist pile:

•  Steve Schale, Obama’s state campaign manager in 2008 and senior campaign advisor in 2012.

•  Jim Margolis, a top Obama media consultant for both campaigns.

•  Dylan Sumner, a Florida mail consultant who worked on both campaigns.

•  John Anzalone, pollster for Obama on both campaigns.

•  Kevin Cate, an Obama’s regional spokesman in 2008.

•  Franco Ripple, a 2008 Obama campaign field organizer and former White House advance man.

•  Jessica Clark, Obama’s 2012 Florida finance director.

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