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Email attacks Miami Beach commission candidate for having child out of wedlock


A mysterious email was sent to Miami Beach residents this weekend, telling them not to vote for commission candidate Michael Grieco because, among other things, he has a child out of wedlock.

"Michael Grieco brags about being a father all the time and promotes himself with flyers casting the image of him as a man of strong family values," the email said. "But did you know he had his child out of wedlock and his 'wife' is not really his wife, but merely a girlfriend he lives with?"

Grieco's opponent, incumbent Jorge Exposito, sent out an email denying any connection to the attack. The two are locked in a runoff for Commission Group II. Voting takes place Nov. 19. 

"While Mr. Grieco and I may place ourselves in the spotlight for public scruitny, there is no place for attacks on either of our families," Exposito wrote in a statement. 

Grieco said the email, from MGriecoLiar@gmail.com, was sent out in batches over the weekend.

Said Grieco: "It’s 2013. This is Miami Beach. My home structure is, first of all, nobody's business. Second of all, it's no different than a large contingent of the population. I love my family and I'm proud of my family. And to bring my son and to bring my better half into this is cowardly and it's foolish, and highly offensive."