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The accusation of the day: Kicking

Gov. Rick Scott sounded off Thursday about President Obama's decision to allow existing health insurance plans for one more year.

“The patchwork changes President Obama announced to his healthcare law today amount to nothing more than kicking the can down the road for 300,000 Florida families who are losing the insurance plans the President told them they could keep," Scott wrote in a statement. "What happens to these families in a year? Will these families still see their insurance costs go up? President Obama’s changes to his own law will likely be the first of many. It is a bad law.”

It wasn't long before Florida House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston fired back, saying "the notion of listening and responding to the needs of constituents" must be "a foreign concept" to Scott.

Said Thurston: “The Republican governor might want to take caution when accusing others of kicking cans down the road. It could be argued by many working Florida families that it’s been Gov. Scott who has been kicking the middle class in the gut by sitting on the sidelines instead of delivering affordable health care to Floridians."