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Charlie Crist's much-heralded campaign chief leaves before he officially starts


The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Charlie Crist's much-heralded campaign manager, Bill Hyers, has already left the new Democrat's campaign for governor. Hyers was fresh off helping Bill de Blasio win the New York City mayor's race.

Folks in Crist World were initially mum, but noted that Hyers never really started as the campaign manager. Therefore, he wasn't fired.

“It’s early. Our campaign structure is still coming together. Bill wanted to stay in New York because it was good for him,” Crist said in a brief email, discounting chatter among Democrats that Hyers’ departure related to differences with the candidate’s wife, Carole Crist.

But last month, at a fundraiser at The Forge in Miami Beach, Crist left little doubt about Hyers' post, introducting him as "my campaign manager."

Hyers, who was still in the process of getting a rental in St. Petersburg, gave all the standard lines about how he liked Crist, his record and believed he was a good Democrat. Hyers explained that he saw himself as the campaign's engineer who would keep the trains running on time, rather than the political mastermind. He said most problems in a campaign were due to "execution" and how there's a Murphy's Law quality to it all: "If something can go wrong, it will."

Well, something seems to have gone wrong. Already. And Hyers is gone.

"Charlie Crist’s campaign seems to be headed in the same direction he took Florida as governor – down and out,” the Republican Governors Association said in a press release.