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Scott's complete list of which car, truck tag fees he'd cut

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday will propose rolling back a series of car and truck registration fees that the state raised in 2009 to plug a multi-billion dollar budget hole that year. His plan would reduce fees by $401 million beginning on Sept. 1 of next year and would save the typical motorist $25.05 a year, according to a document provided by the governor's office.

The governor's figures say the annual cost to register a typical car (about 3,500 pounds) would decrease from $71.85 to $46.80.

The biggest single savings for motorists would be the base fee for a registration, which would drop from $44 to $32.50 a year, or a savings of $11.50.

A $2.50 registration "service charge" would be eliminated. Here are the other specific fees that Scott proposes to scale back and by how much:

* Automated license plate validation sticker printer service fee, from $3 to $1;

* A special surcharge on all vehicles for juvenile justice programs, from $5.50 to $1;

* A state transport surcharge on all vehicles, from $4 to $2;

* A reflective material fee, from $1.50 to $.50;

* A Florida Real Time Vehicle Information System fee, from $1.25 to $.50;

* An advanced replacement fee, from $2.80 to $2, for a total of $25.05.

Scott's fee reduction plan, which must be approved by the state Legislature, is bigger than one proposed last year by Senate Appropriations Chairman Joe Negron, R-Stuart, which passed the Senate by an overwhelming margin and died when the House refused to support it.

Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, said Scott's proposal would find a lot of support among senators.

"We welcome the governor getting on Joe Negron's bandwagon," Gaetz said Thursday during a breakfast meeting with Tallahassee reporters.

-- Steve Bousquet