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Doh! Miami NBC calls state GOP "Reprehensive Party." RPOF wants on-air apology


ImageThe Florida GOP demanded Friday that a Miami NBC affiliate issue an on-air apology after the station referred to the party as "the Reprehensive Party of Florida" in a broadcast.

The error surfaced when WTVJ aired a segment that featured a Republican Party web ad bashing Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist in an ad that accuses him of politically running away from Florida when the economy went south.

Accident or not, the spot needs to be corrected, Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry wrote the station's president and vice president. 

"This blatant disregard for journalist ethics and impartiality is a complete abdication of your station’s professional duty to truth at best and slander at worst," Curry wrote President and General Manager Larry Olevitch and Vice President of News Migdalia Figueroa.

"We are currently reviewing our legal options against your station," Curry wrote, "but at minimum we demand an on-air apology for violating journalist ethics and public discipline for any employees responsible for the creation of this graphic."

In his letter, Curry featured a screen grab of the error and circled it.

Neither Olevitch nor Figueroa could be reached. Here's the segment, with the "reprehensive" typo/gaffe at 1:34:


Following is a copy of the "Ran Away" ad. The party says it's being featured on "Hulu and YouTube, as well as some sports websites. The ad will also be targeted to specific audiences on Facebook and Twitter," including Republicans and conservatives. The party says it has committed a "significant six-figure digital ad buy."