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Film industry wants legislature to renew millions in incentives


From his booth in a crowded Fontainebleau ballroom, Graham Winick faced the challenge of courting Hollywood without any state dollars to offer.

The head of Miami Beach’s film office saw a modest hunting ground in this year’s NATPE convention, a major television-industry gathering where, among other activities, some low-budget content producers pitch their offerings to distributors.

The smaller outfits included the maker ofSharknado 2, and a reality series based on Fort Lauderdale’s rock scene. Those thinner budgets have particular appeal to Winick now that Florida is winding down an incentive program that bankrolled major movie and television productions with multimillion-dollar subsidy packages.

“This is an entire industry,’’ said Winick, film and event production manager for Miami Beach. “Not everything is going to be the next Hollywood blockbuster.”

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