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Rep. Amanda Murphy files Medicaid expansion bill in House


The Senate proosal to accept federal Medicaid expansion dollars to provide insurance for poor Floridians now has a House companion. Rep. Amanda Murphy, D-New Port Richey, announced this morning that she would be filing a bill to compliment SB 710 sponsored by Sen. Rene Garcia, R-Hialeah.

Here is the full press release from Murphy's office:

Representative Amanda Murphy, District 36, will be filing a critical Medicaid expansion bill that would provide increased benefits, using federal funds to those eligible for Medicaid, through the Healthy Kids and Healthy Florida programs. Earlier this week Senator Rene Garcia, Senate District 38, committed to filing a similar bill that resembles the Medicaid expansion bill passed out of the State Senate last year.

"Filing this bill will open the door for us to revisit taking the much needed Medicaid expansion dollars," said Representative Murphy. "It would be irresponsible to leave our tax dollars on the table while there are still too many Floridians left without access to affordable and quality healthcare."

Healthy Florida uses available federal funding to assist individuals and families with purchasing private insurance coverage by establishing an alternative benchmark plan. This initiative would operate separate from Florida’s current Medicaid program by building on the successful framework of Florida Healthy Kids.

During the 2013 session, the Senate passed a bill that would have accepted the Medicaid expansion, but the House voted to turn down the funds.

"Florida businesses are now potentially facing millions in fines for the decision made by the Legislature last year," adds Murphy. "We have the opportunity to make this right not just for those who need healthcare, but also for businesses. I look forward to working alongside my colleagues in the House to do what is right for the hard working people of Florida."