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RNC whacks Sebelius in Spanish-language FL audio ads over Obamacare

From a press release:

WASHINGTON –With 10 months to go until the midterm elections, the RNC today launched Spanish-language digital ads on Univision.com<http://Univision.com> and 30-second audio ads on Univision’s music radio app Uforia in the Miami media market. The ads coincide with HHS Secretary Sebelius’ trip to Florida.

The digital ads invite listeners who have been negatively impacted by ObamaCare to share their stories at www.GOP.com/comparte<http://www.GOP.com/comparte>.The ad highlights President Obama’s infamous Lie of the Year, by using the president’s own words and the words of Univision’s Jorge Ramos. The ad exposes President Obama’s broken promise that people would be able to keep their healthcare plans under ObamaCare, which will be an important issue in the November election.

“We are very excited to be the first political party to advertise on Uforia and thrilled to connect with Univision’s digital audiences and cultivate increased awareness about Obamacare. This unique opportunity allows us to connect and listen to the concerns of Hispanics who have been hurt by Obamacare.

“Because President Obama broke his promise to the American people, a wave of cancellation notices have hit Latino families and small businesses. It’s not fair that Obamacare is taking opportunities away from hardworking people. Nor is it fair to Hispanic millennials to be burdened with higher insurance costs,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

A Pew poll shows Hispanics’ disapproval of ObamaCare has increased 11 points just in the last several months.

Listen to the ad here: Mentiroso<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DKIFfbiRis>

Share your story:  www.GOP.com/comparte<http://www.GOP.com/comparte>.

Read the script below:


SPEAKER: El presidente prometió que si te gusta tu plan de salud, podrías mantenerlo.

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  If you like your plan you can keep it.

SPEAKER: Pero eso es una mentira.

JORGE RAMOS: Miles de personas están recibiendo cartas de cancelación de sus seguras porque presuntamente no reúne [los] requisitos que exige ObamaCare. Y a otros les han dicho que tendrán que pagar más por las mismas pólizas.

SPEAKER: Si eres una víctima de las mentiras del presidente, clic en el anuncio y comparte tu historia en www.GOP.com/comparte<http://www.GOP.com/comparte>.

SPEAKER: Pagado por el Comité Nacional Republicano que es responsable por el contenido de este anuncio. GOP.com<http://GOP.com>.


SPEAKER: The president promised that if you like your health plan, you could keep it.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: If you like your plan you can keep it.

SPEAKER: But that's a lie.

JORGE RAMOS: Thousands of people are getting letters of cancellation from their insurers because allegedly their plans do not meet the requirements that exist under ObamaCare. And others have been told that they have to pay more for the same policies.

SPEAKER: If you are a victim of the lies of the president, click on the ad and share your story at www.GOP.com/comparte<http://www.GOP.com/comparte>.

SPEAKER: Paid for by the Republican National Committee, who is responsible for the content of this advertisement. GOP.com<http://GOP.com>.