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Stunning revelation: Bill Young had another family but kept them in the shadows

In a riveting expose in the Tampa Bay Times, the first family of the late Congressman Bill Young talks about how he abandoned them and his first wife to marry a woman younger than his children, raised a second family with virtually no contact with them, and how his death freed them to tell the story.

Some excerpts:

Beverly Young, now 58, said of the first wife, Marian, (who at age 81 lost her $2,000 monthly alimony after Young's death):

" … It's sad, that after thirty years (Marian Young) still can't accept the fact that he never loved her. … She attempted to make him stay in a loveless marriage by having her children, but once they were out of his home and grown adults he wanted to experience real love, life and happiness. And that's what we did. We did it when, where and how we wanted to."

The congressman not only had hid parts of his family life, but kept from the public some of his health problems.

"After his death on Oct. 18, Young's family in a statement attributed the cause to "complications related to a chronic injury."

But there was more to the story, which would become clear three weeks later. In a Nov. 8 interview, Beverly Young told the Times that a broken hip and fractured pelvis, sustained in a fall in their rented Arlington, Va., home — not just the back pain he had struggled with for decades — had landed him in Walter Reed in the first place.

Doctors could not perform hip surgery because of brittle bones caused by yet another condition Mrs. Young was just now disclosing — multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that forms in bone marrow, diagnosed five years earlier."

Beverly Young's made sure his first family was invisible at his funeral:

"Asked whether any photos of Young's first family were included in the photo montage at his funeral, Mrs. Young replied: "Hell, no. Why would I do that? Why should they be? They played no part in his life whatsoever. Consider that courtesy of me."


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