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Who's Omar Khan?


This is not officially confirmed yet, but we hear that Charlie Crist is poised to hire veteran political operative Omar Khan as campaign manager for his Democratic campaign for Florida governor, Who?, some of you may ask.

Khan is not an A-list campaign campaign manager that one might expect for a marquee race like Florida's gubernatorial campaign. Not sure he's ever run a campaign, for that matter.

But he certainly knows Florida. Buzz has known Khan at least since he helped Pinellas state Rep. Charlie Jusice win a highly competitive state senate race and since has run into him in state after state covering the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012. We've heard nothing but lavish praise for his political skills and people skills..

Still, this could be his toughest gig yet: Managing a candidate who prefers to call his own shots, answer mainly to his own gut, and take advice from a vast array of advisers.

Khan currently works at EPA as Director of Public Engagement, and we don't know when he formally starts with Crist. Previously he was director of Congressional and Intergovermental relations for Obama's Hurricane Sandy Task Force.