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Charlie Crist's charm offensive v. Rick Scott's mega-millions


The Charlie Crist charm offensive vexes Gov. Rick Scott.

Month after month, poll after poll has shown Florida voters generally favor Crist and don’t really like Scott. The governor currently trails the Democrat by about 5 or so percentage points.

To change that, Scott wants to spend upward of $100 million, much of it on an ad campaign to persuade voters that they’re wrong on two counts: about him and about his rival.

That’s a tough sell.

Right now, to the degree Crist and Scott resemble ad products, the former governor is a more-trusted political brand than the current one. Though financially outgunned, Crist does a better job promoting himself, seeking out the news. Scott runs the other way.

Just look at Crist’s schedule the past three weeks as he promoted his new book, The Party’s Over: Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, FOX’s O’Reilly Factor and HBOs Real Time with Bill Maher.

On Tuesday, it was real time with Esteban Wood.

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