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Fla GOP disses Fla GOP donor

That seems to be the implication in the latest email salvo the Republican Party of Florida fired off noting Charlie Crist's former political sugar daddy Scott Rothstein, who is now serving a 50-year-federal prison sentence for running a $1.4-billion Ponzi scheme. Rothstein yesterday testified that "For certain contributions, people were appointed (by Crist) to the bench."

The subject line on today's Florida GOP release:  "Is John Morgan the new Scott Rothstein?" 

Morgan is Crist's boss and a key political supporter, whose interest in judicial appointments is pretty obvious. But likening him to Rothstein is pretty much like calling Morgan a potential crook.

So it's worth noting that the Florida GOP has received at least $195,000 in campaign donations from Morgan's law firm, and Scott's Let's Get to Work committee accepted a $10,000 check in 2012