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Scott dodges Arizona anti-gay law; Crist blasts him

Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday refused several times to say whether he supports or opposes an Arizona law that would allow retail stores, restaurants and other businesses to refuse to serve gays for religious reasons. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has until Friday to sign the bill, veto it or let it become law without her signature.

"Chuck, I've not seen that bill," Scott told MSNBC's Chuck Todd in a lengthy live interview on The Daily Rundown. The governor added he's more focused on trying to get major league baseball teams that train in Arizona to return to Florida.

When Todd persisted, Scott said: "I'm trying to bring more jobs to Florida. I haven't seen that bill." Todd asked Scott if religious beliefs should be used to deny service to gay couples. "Chuck, I haven't seen the bill. I'm trying to recruit companies every day to our state."

Scott's likely Democratic opponent, former Gov. Charlie Crist, quickly seized on Scott's non-answers.

"Discrimination has no place in America. None in Arizona. None in Florida," Crist said. "For Gov. Brewer, this should be the ultimate no-brainer. Veto the law. Moreover, the fact that Gov. Scott won't take a stand on whether Gov. Brewer should veto the Arizona discrimination law is stunning. We should always be sending the message that Florida is open for all of our residents, open for all tourists and open for all businesses."