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Social conservatives: lawsuit fighting gay-marriage ban is like Bull Connor fighting civil rights


GayWith Florida’s gay-marriage ban threatened in Miami court, social conservatives launched a counteroffensive Friday by accusing same-sex union proponents of opposing civil rights.

The new argument from the Christian Family Coalition and other groups adopts the very talking points of gay-marriage backers, who sued last month to strike down Florida’s ban as a violation of constitutional rights guaranteeing equal treatment.

But the supporters of the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment say the rights of Floridians would be violated if a judge struck down the law because it was approved by voters, 62 percent of them, in 2008.

The press conference came a day after a federal judge made Virginia the latest state where a gay-marriage ban was struck down.

Florida’s gay-marriage opponents said Florida's law should be fought not in court but at the ballot box, and they repeatedly singled out the Miami-Dade judge hearing the case. 

“Will Judge Sarah Zabel do to our voting rights what Bull Connor did to our civil rights?” the Rev Nathaniel J. Wilcox, an African-American leader of a group called People United to Lead the Struggle for Equality, said in comparing the judge overhearing the case to the infamous Alabama sheriff who supported segregation.

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