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Verbatim: Mike Fernandez's email, in its entirety

Here is the complete email sent by Gov. Rick Scott's former campaign finance co-chairman, health care executive Mike Fernandez, to three top campaign officials.

He sent it at 10:53 p.m. on Feb. 20, with the subject header: "This is what I learned on Tuesday and Weds." That week, Fernandez had organized a two-day fly-in in Miami for key members of Scott's fund-raising circle. The content of the email follows:

1- I never met a harder working man than the Governor and I love the fact that he is not a professional politician.

2- the team is united but homogenous in its thinking and seems to be feeding off each other and scared of disagreeing with the Governor

3- Luis works with me, he is my partner and it's culturally insensitive for him to hear a  senior staff members mimicking a Mexican accent on the way to Chipolte. It shows that the team does not understand the culture YOU need to win.  Would you hire me to manage a campaign in Mississippi for a country bumpkin? I hope not. We have one Texan, one guy from Wisconsin, I don't know where Tim (a brilliant guy) is from, but I guarantee you he is not from Florida, and  one smart mercenary strategist. I truly believe that the difference in this race is the Hispanic vote. But what do I know, I have only made over a billion selling to this population.

4- As we heard at every stop, the Governor's life is not known, and it's his most powerful story. People need to know that he understands them... That he lived what they are living through. We must define him early IN March as a feeling, sensitive , caring man who has come from nothing to where is is today. That he is doing this not for money but for the love he has for the people of Florida. He needs to be defined before he is defined for us.

5- Orlando and Miami are different from the rest of the State. Miami especially is as close to the US as you can get!!!  

6- We need a  centralized strategy but we should be using the local talent in each of these communities. Who was the firm that has won the last two referendum in Miami Dade? Why not use them?  They know how that population thinks, with all due respect... let's cover the weakness by using available resources. Ana is good but that's not enough.

7- Meredith and her team (I have never seen a better supporting cast) are drinking out of a firehouse! They need more resources.

Lastly ... I asked the Governor a few weeks ago, that I would like to put together a small committee to measure how the money is being spent. As a businessman, I would not want to spend $100mm without third party validation that monies are being spent wisely. Clarity and accountability and very important to ME  as I am asking people for their money, so that you can spend it. Last week three of you argued with me ad nauseam as to why we should not do this: We don't have the resources. It will be a distraction. We are already doing this. It will delay media buys.

I told you that all I needed was an hour with whoever is handling the finance a month and there was still push back. Then my partner, Luis, tells me that this week, during the fly-in, he was approached once again about why we do not need the oversight. That is unacceptable.

I would appreciate if you would give a copy of this email to the man we work for.

I am not the Chief of Staff, I am not the Campaign Manager, I am not a Strategy Consultant. I will say this again, I am not a Yes Man and don't mistake my smile and courteous nature as a weakness. So I will continue to speak my mind as I owe it to Rick. Anytime you want me out, just tell me and I will go away with a smile.

I would appreciate if you give a copy of this email to the man we work for.