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John Morgan to RPOF: Nice try, but Charlie Crist billboards aren't a contribution


John Morgan, the personal injury lawyer and boss of Charlie Crist, says the Republican Party of Florida's election complaint over his firm's billboards featuring the Democratic candidate for governor is a misfire.

"The boards were ordered down by us many months ago.Many times boards remain up because the space is not sold. That obviously occurred here. They were not paid for," Morgan said in an email. "I own a billboard company and know this is routine."
Morgan said it was an "honest mistake by CBS Outdoor," the firm that owns the billboard space.

"We are flattered that the RPOF thinks that Floridians believe our firm is a positive in a statewide election. Maybe because my wife is such a loyal Republican!!" he said. "If I am asked to testify I will not take the fifth. Because we did nothing wrong."