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Obama's Friday South FL schedule: praise Miami schools, maybe vacation at Ocean Reef


President Obama's travel schedule Friday to South Florida is still being guarded with silence, but it looks as if he's planning to visit a Miami-Dade school or schools and make some sort of announcement, likely to shower praise or announce an initiative.

The First Lady might be there. An initial White House advisory said the president would have an event about the middle class. Whether that's another event or one of the ones mentioned above is unclear.

After the event/s, word in the Florida Keys is that the president might stop at the Ocean Reef Club in north Key Largo. A secluded, Republican-leaning bastion, Ocean Reef isn't the kind of place where everyone appreciates the president's visit, especially with all of the heightened security that comes with it.

Then there's the matter of irony: The Ocean Reef Club is about as far away from middle class as you can get in Key Largo.

The Key West Citizen tried to get some answers but was met with silence.

Oh well, it's not like local taxpayers are footing the bill for all the security....oh....wait. They are?

And it's not like presidential motorcades shut down traffic at inopportune times. Although, according to the Sun Times, Keys drivers might be spared the inconvenience because the president is arriving at Ocean Reef via helicopter.

The silence and costs associated with presidential travel are nothing new. Republicans and Democrats alike do it.

Still, expect Republicans to make noise about President Obama's near silence over the violence in Venezuela, which has particular salience in exile-heavy South Florida. Last Friday, Gov. Rick Scott challenged Obama to address the issue of Venezuela and sanctions, perhaps in Doral.

Looks like the president has other interests.