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Today in Tallahassee: Five Things To Know

Bollywood comes to town, the State of Black Florida Summit gets rolling, and the House and the Senate are on the floor. Here’s what to watch in Tallahassee on Thursday:

  • Lawmakers from Hillsborough County will welcome the International Indian Film Academy and Indian actress Preity Zinta to the Florida Capitol. The academy will hold its annual awards weekend in Tampa from April 23 to 26.
  • The House Appropriations Committee will discuss the cost of implementing a bill to legalize the “Charlotte’s Web” strain of marijuana for medical purposes.
  • The House is expected to approve three high-profile bills: a bill extending Stand Your Ground protection to people who file a warning shot; a bill preventing children from being disciplined for playing with simulated weapons in school; and a bill enabling some undocumented students to pay in-state tuition rates at Florida colleges and universities.
  • The upper chamber will vote out for a second year a compromise bill intended to toughen regulation on assisted living facilities for elders. A similar measure last year died in the House where it is expected to pass this year.
  • The Senate will also hear a bill that would prevent school districts from collecting biometric data, including the characteristics of fingerprints, hands, eyes and the voice.
  • Extra credit item: The Board of Governors meets in Tallahassee on Thursday to discuss performance pay.


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