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"Give me Scott," Crist says after awkward handshake with Lopez-Cantera


CristCLCCharlie Crist can’t resist small talk, a few cameras and a campaign stunt.

His one-time ally and current opponent, Lieutenant Governor Lopez-Cantera, found that out that hard way on Monday when he was assigned to shadow Crist at a Palm Beach County event and give Gov. Rick Scott’s response.

Crist stepped all over Lopez-Cantera’s message, however, as made plain in a 30-second Palm Beach Post video of an awkward exchange between the two. The Democrat interrupted the lieutenant governor’s press gaggle, shook his hand and then basically declared Lopez-Cantera not good enough to debate.

“Give me Scott,” Crist said as he walked away.

Basically, Crist disrupted the disruptor.

Here’s the breakdown, from the beginning:

Lopez-Cantera: “Charlie's willing to say whatever you want to hear to get elected. But when it comes down to the facts, to the record, when it was time to stand up and make a difference, he left….”

At that point, Crist appeared in the background, and offered his handshake to Lopez-Cantera.

Crist: “Good to see you.”

Lopez-Cantera: “Hey. How are you?”

Crist: “Doing well. Say hi to your family for me.”

Reporter: “Governor, he says you’ve told lies about Gov. Scott…”

Crist: “He's got to debate the lieutenant governor candidate.

“Give me Scott.”

Lopez-Cantera aide: “Last question.”

None needed. That’s a wrap.