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Latvala plans to take the House position on immigrant tuition

A bill that would extend in-state tuition rates to undocumented students won the support of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

But could it be in trouble with Gov. Rick Scott?

The sponsor, Sen. Jack Latvala, said Tuesday that he plans to "pass the House [version of the] bill."

So far, Scott has expressed his support only for the Senate version.

The big difference between the two is the tuition differential. The Senate version forbids universities from raising tuition above the rate set by the Florida Legislature. The House bill allows for a differential of up to 6 percent.

Scott has said he considers "holding the line" on tuition one of his top priorities for the session. The governor likes the Senate version of the tuition bill (SB 1400) because it "keeps college affordable for Florida's students," he wrote in a statement Tuesday.

Scott has been mum on the House version (HB 851, by Rep. Jeanette Nuñez, R-Miami). 

But if it were to pass both chambers and the governor were to veto it, the tuition differential would remain at 15 percent.

We're waiting to hear back from Scott's press office.