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Miami-Dade Dem chair overstates share of Hispanic electorate in Florida

As Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his rival, Democrat Charlie Crist, battle for the support of Hispanic voters, they have attacked each other over everything from in-state tuition for young people who came to the United States illegally to the longstanding embargo of Cubato what was, or wasn’t, said by certain Scott campaign staffers en route to a Chipotle.

Such politicking shows how important both candidates believe Hispanics to be in this year’s campaign for Florida’s governor. One key battleground is Miami-Dade County, home to the largest number of Hispanic voters in the state, as well as Scott’s running mate, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera.

Miami-Dade Democratic chair Annette Taddeo-Goldstein, who was born in Colombia, boasted about the size of the Hispanic vote in Florida in an April 21 interview with MSNBC Ed Schultz.

Taddeo-Goldstein: "I’m not surprised (Scott is) trying to pander to the Hispanic community, because our vote is actually, in my opinion, going to decide this election."

Schultz: "You believe that the Latino vote will decide the gubernatorial election here in Florida?"

Taddeo-Goldstein: "Now the Hispanics in Florida account for one in four of every resident in Florida. It is actually the largest in the country when it comes to the percentages. Over 20 percent of the electorate is Hispanic. So it’s going to be decided by Hispanics."

We can’t fact-check her prediction that Hispanic voters will decide the race, but we can fact-check her claim about the size of the Hispanic electorate. Read our findings from PolitiFact Florida.