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Marco Rubio explains his climate-change skepticism


Marco Rubio denies being a climate-change denier. But the Florida Senator isn’t a believer, either.

Call him a skeptic. For now.

“I think all science deserves skepticism,” Rubio said in an interview about what he does and doesn’t believe about global warming and what to do about it.

And right now, Rubio doesn’t want to take too much action.

In the wake of a new White House report on climate change that paints a bleak picture for his home county, his state, the nation and the planet, Rubio harbors doubts about some of the findings. He’s especially opposed to suggested fixes designed to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the United States.

Rubio says he thinks the laws won’t work — but will hurt the economy in a “devastating” way.

Rubio’s comments about the report, first made Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” exposed him to criticism from scientists, editorial writers and Democrats, who say the potential Republican candidate for president is thinking more about a future GOP primary instead of the health of the planet or Miami. Some branded Rubio a climate-change denier.

“Denial is a loaded term. That’s a term used to smear people, for example, who deny the holocaust existed or denied other things of that nature,” Rubio said.

“I’ve never denied that there is a climate change,” Rubio said. “The question is: Is man-made activity causing the changes in the climate?”

Rubio, however, won’t answer that with a yes or no.

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