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Miami-Dade County Commission to decide if property appraiser question goes on ballot


Miami-Dade County commissioners are scheduled to vote Tuesday on a proposed ballot question that appeared on the verge of being scrapped entirely a few days ago after the board chairwoman made it clear that she dislikes the measure.

Commissioner Esteban “Steve” Bovo said Monday that he still intends to seek commission approval for his proposal to ask voters in November to clarify the powers of the elected property appraiser.

His decision marked a change of heart from last week, when Bovo told Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa that he might withdraw the item from consideration altogether.

“She had some reservations, and I understand her concerns,” Bovo told the Miami Herald. “We considered withdrawing the item, deferring the item. But then over the weekend, thinking about it more — the time expended, the money expended — we thought, let’s just move it forward.

“If it gets voted down, then so be it.”

The ballot question, if approved Tuesday, would go to voters on the Nov. 4 election. It would ask if the appraiser should fall under county authority — essentially as an elected department head, as it is now — or be more independent under the Florida Constitution.

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