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Pam Bondi continues to rake it in for AG race

Attorney General Pam Bondi isn't taking any chances.

The Democrats haven't chosen who will face her in the fall, and she still raised nearly as much in April as her two would-be opponents -- George Sheldon and Perry Thurston -- have raised, combined, so far in the race.

Bondi raised $276,520 in April, upping her total campaign contributions to $3,525,340 since she announced she was seeking reelection last summer. Of that total, Bondi has received nearly $700,000 in in-kind contributions, such as staff, most of which has been paid by the Republican Party of Florida. She's received about $2.8 million in cash. She's spent only $148,192 of that total.

By contast, Sheldon, who served as secretary for the Florida Department of Children and Families under then Gov. Charlie Crist, has managed to raise a total of $228,811 after an April in which he brought in $25,229 in contributions. Yet campaign finance records show Sheldon has already spent $215,310, leaving little in the tank against either Bondi or his primary opponent Thurston.

Thurston, who is the Minority Leader in the Florida House, had to throw April out as a month in which he could gain ground on Bondi or Sheldon. Because state law prohibits fundraising during session, he was unable to raise any money. So he still has only $105,801. But Thurston has spent only about 25 percent of his cash, leaving him with about $76,052 untouched.