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Scott in Oakland Park: "I'm not a scientist"

Gov. Rick Scott took his campaign pitch about small businesses to Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine restaurant in Oakland Park this afternoon.

Scott, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera and other Republican leaders repeated familiar lines about how Florida’s economy and employment fared under Scott compared to rival Charlie Crist.

Here are some very similar claims that have previously been fact-checked by PolitiFact Florida:

* Scott’s claim that he cut taxes 40 times

* Jobs lost and rising unemployment under Crist

* Job growth under Scott

There was also a mention of Broward County’s 5 percent unemployment rate.

During the press gaggle after the event -- where a big sweaty crowd jammed into a stiflingly small spot -- Scott was asked about whether he believes in climate change.

Question by SharkTank blog: “Gov. Scott it's very hot in here. Does that have anything to do with global warming considering Charlie Crist’s position is that global warming exists. What is your take on global warming or climate change.”

Scott: “I’m not a scientist but we are going to make sure we take care of our environment.” Scott then talked about funding for the coasts, Everglades and springs but didn’t address climate change.

He faced similar questions about climate change at an event in Hialeah earlier in the day.