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Thrasher's new competition: Ricky Polston, yes Supreme Court Justice

Ricky PolstonFrom the Associated Press

The chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court is applying to become president of Florida State University.

Ricky Polston, who was appointed to the bench by former Gov. Charlie Crist, submitted his application for FSU's vacant post on Saturday.

Polston's move comes at a time when the frontrunner for the position is state Sen. John Thrasher. A search committee has already voted to interview Thrasher and then decide whether to offer him the job.

FSU has been without a permanent president since Eric Barron left to lead Penn State University.

Polston has two degrees from FSU. In a letter to the search committee he said he is applying for the job out of loyalty to the school and a desire to help the school continue to improve.