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Crist releases 10 years of income tax returns, urges Scott to do the same

Responding to criticism from Gov. Rick Scott's campaign, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on Thursday released 10 years of federal income tax returns. (You can view them here.)

During that time, Crist drew a six-figure salary as a state employee and had virtually no debt, the records show. By the end of the decade, his net worth was approaching $500,000.

"Charlie is giving Florida families an unprecedented look into his life because they deserve to know their governor is looking out for them," his campaign manager Omar Khan said in a statement.

Crist did not, however, release his wife Carole's returns, as some Republicans have called on him to do.

Scott and his wife Ann released their joint tax returns for 2010, 2011 and 2012 last week.

When Crist failed to do the same, Scott's political committee aired a TV spot that asked: "What's he hiding?" 

"I'm certainly disappointed that Charlie Crist doesn't believe in transparency," Scott said in a statement. "Ann and I released both of our tax returns and we asked him and his wife to follow our lead. He is refusing. Alex Sink released her tax returns and her husband's when she ran for governor. Jeb Bush and his wife released theirs. The question we are all asking now is, what is Charlie hiding? I don’t think the people of Florida will let him get away with it."

On Wednesday, Crist released his tax returns for 2011, 2012 and 2013. 

He released returns dating back to 2001 the following day.

The campaign plans to release another 10 years of the candidate's tax returns soon, Khan said.

"[Crist] is calling on Rick Scott to release his returns going back 20 years as well," Khan said. "Given that Rick Scott hides his assets and has dodged personal accountability his entire career, we suspect he will hide his taxes, just as he has hidden all of the depositions from his days as a corporate raider."

Crist has been adamant that he will not release his wife's returns. The two file separately.