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FIU Cuba poll: support for embargo wanes among Miami Cuban-Americans

From Juan Tamayo:

Cubans in Miami-Dade County are continuing to increase their support for warmer relations with the island, including lifting all embargo and travel sanctions and opening full diplomatic ties, according to a new poll by Florida International University.

The poll, released Tuesday morning, also showed that majorities of Cubans in the county favored increased economic contacts with the island and might invest there. About 48 percent said they send cash remittances to Cuba or have relatives who do so.

But 63 percent favored keeping Cuba on the U.S. list of countries that support international terrorism — one of the apparent contradictions in the poll by FIU’s Cuba Research Institute.

In another example, although only 62 percent of all the Miami-Dade Cubans surveyed by FIU said they were U.S. citizens, 90 percent also reported that they were registered to vote.

The FIU poll, which has asked much the same questions in 11 surveys since 1991, essentially confirmed a long-standing trend among younger, U.S.-born Cubans and more recent arrivals to increasingly favor improved relations. Older Cubans tend to favor tougher sanctions

Its results “highlight an important transition taking place in the Miami area, a demographic, generational and ideological shift that can potentially have a great impact,” noted the survey.

On the embargo, 52 percent of the 1,000 Miami-Dade Cubans surveyed opposed it and 48 percent favored it, according to the poll. That compared to 56 percent who favored it in the 2011 poll — and 87 percent in the 1991 survey. Among registered voters, the split in the latest poll was 51-49 in favor of the embargo.

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