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'Team-building' party videos lead to suspension for Miami-Dade County department director


Employees booty-shaking and flashing wads of cash in Miami-Dade County government videos have gotten a department head suspended.

Since 2010, the county's community information and outreach department has produced an annual party video around the holidays intended as a team-building exercise to improve employees' morale.

In one clip, workers do the "Harlem Shake" inside commission chambers. In another, they dance "Gangnam Style" amid cubicles.

There's apparent drinking, dollar-bill waving and air humping - the latter to make fun of so-called Wednesday "Hump Days," according to what department director Henry Sori told WPLG-ABC 10.

County commissioners - and Sori's boss, Deputy Mayor Chip Iglesias - were not amused.

On Wednesday, Iglesias prohibited Sori from producing any more such videos - and handed Sori a five-day suspension without pay. 

"There was negative publicity brought upon the department and the county as a whole" by the videos, Iglesias wrote in the suspension memo, which was first reported by Local 10.

The disciplinary action will cost Sori, who makes a yearly salary of $160,000, about $3,000.