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Attacking Charlie Crist where he lives, or maybe lives


The Florida GOP this week has been trying to push a story that...well, we're not really sure what they were trying to say. First they suggested Crist's landlord at his Bayfront Tower rental condo had improperly applied for a homestead exemption or that Crist had secretly left the 'Burg. When told Crist had in fact moved from a condo on the 22nd floor to one on the 19th, the GOP pressed on:

This begs many questions for Charlie Crist:

    When did Charlie Crist move and where does he now live? The apartment he's renting in Fort Lauderdale? Or the place he's renting on Fisher Island near Miami?
    Where is Charlie Crist's official permanent residence? Did he really "leave the 'Burg?" When did he move in relation to the timing of the Homestead Exemption filing?
    Has Charlie Crist failed to change his address with the DMV and with the Supervisor of Elections in a timely fashion? Did he list the wrong address on his qualification papers, including his financial disclosure? (See Florida Statutes, Chapter 97.1031.)
    According to the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections, Crist is scheduled to receive absentee ballots at the address he no longer lives at. (See Attachment 2.) Why is he still receiving mail there? With the registration books already closed for the primary election, will he have to vote for himself on a provisional ballot?

The biggest question of all: Where in the World is Charlie Crist?

We can't decide whether this line of attack is more interesting for its sheer lameness or for how it reflects how carefully the GOP is tracking everything Crist does.

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate did field a question about his residency when meeting Tuesday with the Sun-Sentinel editorial board.

“I rent a condo in St petersburg. I have been there since 83. We rented a condo here in fort lauderdale because broward is important and we spend a lot of time here....,” said Crist, who said he was trying to save his campaign money on hotels.

When asked again about the Republicans raising questions about his St. Petersburg condo Crist said, “I’m in a different unit. My landlord wanted to move back in.”

Crist said he doesn’t own property. When asked about his wife’s home on Fisher Island Crist said, “She sold it years ago. Breaking news.”

Two things to note in fairness to the Florida Republican party. 1. Crist did confuse matters when he said in March he was renting a place in Fisher Island because he was spending so much time in South Florida but then decided Fort Lauderdale would be more centrally located for the area (which should have been obvious. 2. At least they didn't snag a photo from Detroit to try to show how Crist was bad for Florida, as the state Democratic party did.