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Carollo wants voters to know Carollo supports ballot question


Miami Commissioner Frank Carollo wants voters to pass a charter amendment this month that would hold developers’ feet to the fire once they get consent to build on city land. And he really wants voters to know that he thinks it's a good idea.

A mailer produced by the Committee Supporting Voters’ Wishes Over Public Land went out last week to Hispanic voters, urging them to support the referendum. On the back, there’s a picture of Carollo, flattering quotes about the commissioner from The Miami Herald and Miami Today, and this quote attributed to him:

“Voting YES you'll have more power over real-estate development in the City and you will demand that the promises made by urban planners are kept."

From the back, the ad looks more like a Carollo campaign piece. But the commissioner -- only recently elected to a second four-year term -- said he's not campaigning for anything other than the referendum he pushed onto the ballot. He said the advertisement is heavy on Carollo because he and committee chairman Ed Torgas believe his support is a good selling point to voters.

“They put my face to it to add credibility,” Carollo said. “I have three and a half years for my term to end. If I was running for something I would come out and say I’m running for something.”