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Gov. Scott to meet with climate change scientists Aug. 19th

Updated to include a comment by Gov. Scott's spokesman:

Gov. Rick Scott has agreed to meet with scientists about climate change for 30 minutes Aug. 19th, said Susan Glickman, a clean energy lobbyist during a conference call this morning organized by a liberal group Florida for All.

Scott himself will be at the meeting held in his office, Glickman said.

In July, climate scientists sent a letter to Scott seeking a meeting. Scott’s likely Democratic rival, Charlie Crist, met with FSU oceanography professor Jeff Chanton in July while spokespersons for Scott’s campaign said he too would meet with them.

Chanton made the arrangements to meet with Scott, Glickman said. (Chanton is traveling and was not on the conference call.)

“I would like to hear from the governor that he recognizes climate change science is legitimate....” said University of Miami professor Ben Kirtman during the conference call. “It’s fair to have a fight over what the right policy is -- he has a right to disagree. But to deny that the best available science can help guide those decisions is disingenuous.”

In 2011, Scott said he did not believe humans could alter the planet’s temperature, but more recently simply says, “I’m not a scientist.” His environmental plan released this week makes no mention of climate change.

Climate change will get far more attention in this year’s race for governor compared to Scott’s first race because of the planned attacks by NextGen Climate, funded by California billionaire Tom Steyer. NextGen released it’s first TV ads attacking Scott today.

"Governor Scott looks forward to the August 19th meeting to discuss Florida’s recent environmental investments, his commitment to the Everglades and water quality standards, and how Florida can maintain its cleanest air quality on record," Scott spokesman John Tupps said Friday.