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Prominent PR firm sues family of brain-damaged Broward man for payment

A prominent Tallahassee public relations firm is suing the family of a paralyzed Broward County man, saying the family owes $375,000 for services rendered over the course of four legislative sessions.

The firm, Sachs Media Group, says it had a contract with the family of Eric Brody — and worked overtime to ensure the passage of a 2012 claims bill that awarded the Brody family $10.75 million in damages.

“I’m as proud of the work we did for Eric Brody as anything else we’ve done in 19 years of business,” president Ron Sachs said. “But we never agreed to do this pro bono. We believe we deserve to be paid.”

But the state lawmaker who sponsored the $10.75 million claims bill said the Brody family cannot pay the Sachs Media Group without jeopardizing his entire trust.

The reason: the claims bill made it clear that none of the money could go to “lobbying fees, costs or similar expenses incurred” in pursuit of the claim.

“Everyone agreed to waive the fees and costs, and have all of the money go to Eric Brody’s care,” said Republican Rep. Jamie Grant, of Tampa. “For a PR firm to file a lawsuit is disgusting.”

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