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Rick Scott ad juggernaut goes Creole


Gov. Rick Scott started his Spanish-language media outreach earlier than ever -- especially for a Republican -- and now he's doing the same with Creole speakers.

Today, the Republican Party of Florida unveiled its first Creole radio ad that, like most of Scott's English- and Spanish-language spots is about one major thing: jobs. The ad's title: "Lap Travay," literally translated as "it works," is an echo of the Scott campaign's "it's working" motto.

"We should expect from our elected officials that if they make a promise, they keep it," a female narrator says. "In 2010, Governor Rick Scott promised to fix Florida’s economy and get the state to start creating jobs.  Today, Florida has created over 600,000 private sector jobs."

The ad then pivots to Scott's track record on tax cuts and education spending (PolitiFact check to follow).

Just how many Creole-speaking and Haitian voters will be inclined to vote for Scott is anyone's guess. But there aren't many to start with. The highest concentration of Creole speakers by Congressional district live in the Miami-based seat of U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, and most are Democrats. But some, such as former North Miami Mayor Joe Celestin are Republicans and they're working hard to keep Democrat Charlie Crist from beating Scott.

Beyond the content of the ad, the language is the message for Scott. He's leaving no stone unturned and few voters untouched. 

All told, Scott and Republicans have spent at least $22 million and Crist and Democrats have dropped about $7 million on TV ads alone. Factor in radio spots, and especially multi-lingual outreach, and Scott remains well ahead in paid media.

Crist still needs to win Tuesday's Democratic primary against former state Senate Democratic leader Nan Rich, whom he's expected to easily beat.

The same can't be said of his match against Scott. Polls indicate the governor is pulling ahead, albeit by an inside-the-error-margin amount. The general election is expected to be that close (brace yourself for the possibility of a recount), and in a race like that, every vote counts all the more.

Here's the spot, followed by the translation and the original Creole text as supplied by RPOF:

English translation:

We should expect from our elected officials that if they make a promise, they keep it. In 2010, Governor Rick Scott promised to fix Florida’s economy and get the state to start creating jobs. Today, Florida has created over 600,000 private sector jobs.

By cutting taxes 40 times, Governor Scott has provided a climate for economic growth and opportunity.

On education, Governor Scott has increased funding for pre-school, lowered the cost of tuition by 15 percent for state universities and made in-state tuition available for all Florida students. Governor Scott is working to make sure that the American dream is available for every Floridian.

There is more work to be done. That's why going back is not an option, so let’s keep working together.

Paid electioneering communication paid for by Let's Get to Work 1531 Live Oak Drive Tallahassee, FL 32301.

Creole: Yon ofisyèl eli pou yo kenbe pawòl yo ak nou. Nan 2010, Gouvènè Rick Scott te pwomèt ranje ekonomi Florid la epi pou yo jwenn yo kòmanse kreye anpil djòb. Jodi a, Florid te kreye plus ke 600,000 djòb nan sektè prive.

Epi, Li te koupe taks 40 fwa, Gouvènè Scott te bay yon klima pou kwasans ekonomik ak opòtinite.

Sou edikasyon, li te vin ogmante finansman pou pwogram pre- school ak bese nan pri lajan pou peye lekòl 15% pou tout inivèsite leta pou tout etudian. Gouvènè Scott ap travay pou asire w ke rèv Ameriken an disponib pou chak Floridyen.

Gen plis travay pou fet. Tounen deye se pa yon opsyon. An nou kontinye travay ansam.

Un comunikasyon eleksyon paye pa an Nou Travay Ensam 1531 Live Oak Drive Tallahassee, FL 32301