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"Shady" Rick Scott and "For Sale" Charlie Crist punch, counterpunch in new round of mean ads


It's getting meaner. And it won't get any better.

In a punch-counterpunch round of ads, Gov. Rick Scott's team is going after former Gov. Charlie Crist's ties to a convicted Ponzi schemer and Crist's camp is responding with a broadside against the incumbent for everything from his "lies" about education funding to his pleading the Fifth Amendment 75 times in a deposition.

Scott''s ad, paid through the Republican Party of Florida, fired first.

"Convicted swindler Scott Rothstein bought expensive things with stolen money. He even bought a governor," the ad intones, pointing out how the Ponzi schemer recently claimed Crist essentially sold judicial appointments, which Crist denies.

"Charlie Crist. For governor. For sale," the ad closes.

Now, Crist's campaign plans to run its counter to the "smears;" but it does its own smearing in the process.

"Now," the Crist ad says of Scott, "he's teamed up with a felon convicted of running a Ponzi scheme to smear Charlie Crist with false attacks."

To be clear: there's no evidence that Scott has "teamed up" with Rothstein. And, beyond the word of the convicted Ponzi schemer, there's no solid evidence that Rothstein "bought" Crist.

"Rick Scott," Crist's ad closes, "Too shady for the Sunshine State."

Here's the Crist ad (Scott ad will post as soon as it's on YouTube).