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The Rick Scott-Jeb Bush Tour heads to Homestead


Gov. Rick Scott heads to Homestead Friday with a not-so-secret newsmaking weapon: former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Remember back when Democrat Charlie Crist was a Republican running for governor in 2006? He called himself a "Jeb Bush Republican" at the time. There's a reason for it. Bush helped build the GOP, first in Miami-Dade and then in Florida where he was the first Republican governor in the modern era to serve with a Republican-held House and Senate.

Also, unlike Crist and Scott, Bush is an off-the-cuff quote-machine who likes to joust with reporters about policy and politics. The other two guys (Scott more so) are and/or were nothing like Bush as governor.

Expect a good dose of Crist-bashing from Bush (he never was a huge Crist fan because the newly minted Democrat was always left-leaning as a Republican).

Expect Bush to be asked about running for president. He'll say he'll make a decision after the election.

Here's today's Herald-Tribune story about the two stumping in Punta Gorda to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Charley, the first of eight hurricanes to damage Florida in 2004 and 2005. Unlike his presidential brother after Hurricane Katrina, Jeb Bush's poll numbers improved, and never really fell, amid his handling of disaster preparedness and response during those two mean seasons.

Friday's even is scheduled for 10 a.m. at B&K Installations in Homestead.