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WFLA/SurveyUSA: Rick Scott 45%, Charlie Crist 43%


Gov. Rick Scott has marginally retaken a marginal lead over Democrat Charlie Crist in the latest WFLA/SurveyUSA poll that shows the Republican pulling in 45% of the vote to Crist's 43%.

That's well within the error margin for the robopoll of 576 self-described likely voters.

The 45-43% race in this survey is identical to SurveyUSA's results at the beginning of July. In between, another SurveyUSA poll showed Crist pulling ahead 46-40. So this is a net 8 percentage point shift in Scott's favor (Scott gained 5 and Crist lost 3, which is the inverse of what happened between the early July and mid July polls).

So there's fluctuation and the trendline isn't smooth. Most of the up-and-down noise is with self-identified independents, who shift this way and that. But, generally speaking, the race is pretty much a tie. And all signs indicate it will stay that way.

One problem with this and other polls: it doesn't include Libertarian Adrian Wyllie. Quinnipiac University found he pulled a significant 9 percentage points. Not enough to win. But enough to change the toplines in a race (he pulled more from Crist than Scott).

Still, Quinnipiac polls are like SurveyUSA's in this regard: they indicate a close race that's getting closer.