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CFO candidate William Rankin not scheduled to campaign with Democrats


Democrat William Rankin wants to be taken seriously as a challenger to incumbent Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, a Republican.

But Rankin has raised very little money going into the 70-day general election campaign period and is getting no love from the establishment. The Florida Democratic Party has ignored Rankin's campaign thus far, and he hasn't been asked to make appearances alongside other Democratic candidates for statewide office.

Compare that to George Sheldon, who won Tuesday night's primary to become the Democrat's candidate to run against Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi. Sheldon is to be featured at Thursday's party unity events in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

Rankin is not.

Meanwhile his campaign has raised just $15,210.99. Compare that to Atwater's $2.5 million treasure chest.

Rankin says he continues to fill his calendar with campaign stops -- a food giveaway on Thursday, Labor Day picnics over the weekend --and has tried to reach out to party leaders to talk about his campaign. He says he has not had good luck raising money from folks who often finance Democratic campaigns.

Still, his name is on the ballot in November he he says his grassroots campaign is at full speed.

"In politics, money is what people focus on too much," he said.