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Climate scientist David Hastings: What I told the governor

Despite the headline in the Tampa Tribune that got it wrong, here's an op-ed by climate scientist David Hastings of Eckerd College about what he told Gov. Rick Scott during their meeting two weeks ago: 

I recently joined fellow climate scientists in a meeting with Gov. Rick Scott to discuss the threat climate change poses to our state. We appreciated the opportunity to have a dialogue with the governor, but we left the meeting with concerns about his willingness to take meaningful action to address this problem. This is a leadership moment for Scott, since Florida is ground zero for the impacts of climate change.

We explained to Scott that the fundamentals of climate science are not complicated. Global temperatures are now at record highs. Sea level is rising. Oceans are more acidic. We are responsible.

That said, global air temperatures have remained more or less constant for the past 15 years. Yes, it’s true! They haven’t changed much since the record-setting year of 1998. And skeptics, including Tampa Tribune columnist Tom Jackson (“Climate professors and Rick Scott’s sphinxian agenda,” Aug. 24, Metro), are eager to discredit the overwhelming majority of climate change scientists and the vast troves of data indicating the severity of human-induced climate change.

Their underlying message is that if the Earth isn’t warming as fast as we think it should be, we can continue our carbon-guzzling ways. 

So what’s going on? More here.