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Crist's attack on Scott about birth control

Charlie Crist’s most recent TV attack labels Republican Gov. Rick Scott as "extreme" on women’s issues.

A few days after he snagged the endorsement of Planned Parenthood PAC, Crist issued an ad showing a series of women attacking Scott’s record on abortion, birth control and equal pay for women.

One of the claims in the ad is that Scott "thinks employers should be able to deny women coverage for birth control."

PolitiFact Florida has fact-checked multipleclaims about Crist’s record on abortion and we gave him a Half Flip for holding various positions on it throughout his career -- even before he switched parties to become a Democrat. Several media reports have also covered bills signed by Scott that limit access to abortion.

Here we decided to fact-check Scott’s record on birth control. (Technically the Florida Democratic Party paid for the ad, but the Crist campaign announced the ad and promoted it.) Turn to PolitiFact Florida to read our full fact-check.