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Elections officials urging online voter registration

Florida's 67 election supervisors released a report Tuesday that calls on the Legislature to create a new system of online voter registration next year. But the report cautioned that the system should be implemented cautiously and after the next presidential election in 2016.

The report, released on National Voter Registration Day, was produced at the request of Sen. Andy Gardiner, the Orlando Republican who will be Senate president in November. The full report can be found here.

Arizona was the nation's first state to switch to paperless voter registration, back in 2002. A total of 20 states now allow people to register online, including Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana and four more states are in the process of implementing online registration. Democrats in the Legislature (Sen. Jeff Clemens of Lake Worth and Rep. Alan Williams of Tallahassee) filed bills in the 2014 session to implement the change, but Republicans would only allow a brief workshop on the idea.