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Florida Supreme Court gives Gov. Rick Scott 14 days to justify suspension of acquitted Miami Lakes mayor


Suspended Michael Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi has scored a major legal victory in his quest to regain his seat after Gov. Rick Scott refused to revoke his suspension after his acquittal on federal bribery charges last month.

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday instructed the governor, who was sued by Pizzi, to explain by Oct. 14 why he should not revoke Pizzi’s suspension.

“[T]he Court has determined that the [Pizzi] petition demonstrates a preliminary basis for relief,” according to the order.

In effect, the high court has boxed in the governor, leaving him with little choice but to lift Pizzi’s suspension, which Scott imposed after his arrest in August 2013.

“It’s a home run for us,” Pizzi said after reading the state Supreme Court’s order. “The court has done exactly what we asked them to do.”

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