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New, light-hearted ad attacks Crist's record

The latest attack ad from the Republican Party of Florida is a light-hearted, almost comedic look at Charlie Crist's record.

The commercial points out that Crist has changed his party affiliation, as well as his position on Obamacare, abortion and the federal stimulus package. And it does so over catchy music, goofy sound effects and some memorable wordplay.

"Flippin' unbelievable," a voice says. "Flippin' amazing."

The 30-second spot's final message: "Charlie Crist. Typical flippin' politician."

The gubernatorial race has gotten ugly in recent weeks, with both camps launching bitter attacks. Democrats have labled Republican Gov. Rick Scott "too shady for the Sunshine State." Republicans, meanwhile, have insisted Crist "swindled Florida" in a series of stinging TV ads.

The new Flippin' Amazing ad takes a notably lighter tone. Watch it below.