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Chamber funds Crist attack in GOP markets: He's a trial lawyer

 The Florida Chamber of Commerce is out with a new television ad in several GOP-heavy media markets today predictably crediting Florida's job increases, which happened as the national economy improved, to Gov. Rick Scott and blaming the job losses, that occurred in the global economic meltdown, to Charlie Crist. 

Whether critically-thinking voters buy this faulty logic is yet to be seen, so they've thrown in what might be a more persuasive pitch -- at least for right-leaning independents and those who make up the 7 percent of those still undecided. It's that Crist is a trial lawyer. 

The ad is running in the I-4 corridor from Daytona to Tampa, Jacksonville, parts of the Panhandle as well as Southwest Florida.

Here's the transcript:

Rick Scott added over 600,000 jobs. 
Trial lawyer Charlie lost over 800,000 jobs.
Rick Scott has Florida’s economy headed in the right direction.
“I’m a trial lawyer,” says Charlie Crist.
Trial lawyers like Crist hurt our economy.
But Florida’s on the right track with Rick Scott.
The last thing we need are more trial lawyers. 
So give Charlie a call and let him know.
Oh, and if he’s out suing someone, leave him a message.