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Deep-pocketed super PAC releases second attack ad against Joe Garcia


"We can do better than Joe Garcia," says a new television advertisement from Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super PAC that now has two spots running against the Miami Democratic congressman.

The conservative group, which is funded by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch and bills itself as a "free-market" organization, continues to hammer Garcia in the new ad over investigations into his past campaigns, making particular note of how the incumbent paid his former chief of staff a "campaign win bonus" even after the staffer was suspected of orchestrating an illegal absentee-ballot request scheme. He later ended up in jail.

The ad also criticizes Garcia for defending Obamacare "even with a double-digit premium increase" and for saying that "the economy is in a good place."

"Does that sound right to you?" the ad's narrator asks. She makes no mention of Garcia's Republican opponent, Miami-Dade County School Board member Carlos Curbelo.

In a debate Tuesday night, Garcia noted most of the ads against him have been funded by outside political groups and not from Curbelo himself, suggesting that, if elected, Curbelo would be subject to their interests.

"It's becoming a daily occurrence that lobbyist Carlos Curbelo -- who has been rejected by local members of his own party for saying one thing to Floridians and then calling Medicare and Social Security a 'Ponzi scheme' in Washington -- is forced to rely on shady out-of-state groups with little regard for South Florida's values in order to prop up his campaign," Garcia spokesman Miguel Salazar said in a statement.