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Despite high court move, Pam Bondi won't say if she'll pull appeal on gay marriage ban


Florida gay-marriage proponents will ask a federal judge Tuesday to lift his own stay and allow same-sex unions in the Sunshine State, following a Supreme Court announcement Monday that cleared the way for immediate expansion of marriage rights in as many as 11 states.

“It’s about time to suck it up and recognize the historical inevitability of equality,” ACLU of Florida Executive Director Howard Simon told the Miami Herald on Monday in a statement aimed directly at Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, whose office has unsuccessfully defended the state’s gay marriage ban in at least four state and federal court cases.

"My office... will be reviewing that, see what happens next, there are a lot of other cases in the pipeline,” Bondi, the Republican incumbent, said Monday afternoon during a St. Petersburg election debate with Democratic challenger George Sheldon. “What I've always said is that the court must decide this — we need finality from the judiciary. I think we can all agree, we're members of the executive branch, we're not the Supreme Court.”

Asked about dropping appeals in Florida, Bondi responded: “There are other cases in other states. The sixth circuit is still out there pending so we're going to see what they do in the sixth circuit, we're going to be looking at those other cases, we're going to be reviewing everything in Florida to see what to do next. And again, it just came out less than three hours ago, but this is a tremendous win for the plaintiffs in this case.” More here.