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Fact-checking the third Florida's governor debate

The gloves came off in Jacksonville on Tuesday night, as the third and final gubernatorial debate between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist was marked by insults, arguments and accusations.

The governor and the former governor took each other to task over their respective records, charging each other with mud-slinging and twisting the facts.

CNN moderator Jake Tapper brought up topics like Ebola, executions and Florida State football, but the candidates managed to go back to familiar talking points several times. Both Scott and Crist still talked at length about immigration, the cost of living and believe it or not, jobs.

We took a look at some key claims brought up during the debate, and will highlight some familiar talking points we’ve examined before. In the days ahead, we’ll post fact-checks of new claims from the debate and update this story.

See our fact-checks so far from the debate.