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Jeb Bush's new TV ad for Rick Scott: "The choice for me is easy." (Spanish-version next?)


Gov. Rick Scott's campaign features a not-so-new but pretty-effective spokesman in a new ad: Former Gov. Jeb Bush.

"In my experience as governor, I've found that there are two kinds of politicians," Bush says. "Those that are driven by personal ambition. And those that deliver results."

In case anyone was wondering, the first politician Bush references is his successor and Scott predecessor and current Scott challenger Charlie Crist. What makes the ad effective is that this somewhat-negative message is shown, not told. That is, Bush never says Crist's name. The camera just cuts to B-roll of Crist on the campaign trail.

The rest of the spot revolves around Scott's record.

Now, the question is, how effective is Bush as a spokesman? Republican endorses Republican is only so newsy. And Bush never really liked Crist, even when he was a Republican. But, in a smaller election in Crist's home county of Pinellas (CD-13), Bush's endorsement and support probably helped David Jolly win. And Bush left office with high favorables (thanks to his leadership after back-to-back storms). He's also a frontrunner in the early race for president.

One of Bush's strongest assets is his Spanish-speaking abilities. He recently cut three spots for GOP candidates in Colorado, California and Arizona.

Expect this same ad to have a Spanish-language version, which would be highly effective in Miami-Dade, a county where Scott's having problems but where 72 percent of registered Republicans and 55 percent of the general electorate is Hispanic.