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LG. Carlos Lopez-Cantera stars in Rick Scott's latest Spanish-language spot


It took a while for Gov. Rick Scott to overcome some internal resistance and realize that Carlos Lopez-Cantera would be his best choice for lieutenant governor, both because of his Tallahassee experience and his Miami roots. Nothing shows the smartness of the pick during this campaign season better than this Spanish-language ad (transcript from the campaign below):

VICE GOBERNADOR CARLOS LOPEZ-CANTERA: Rick Scott le dio frente a la situación.  Corto impuestos 40 veces, reformo el Medicaid para los más necesitados y logro fondos sin precedente para la educación. Liderazgo no es  hacer promesas o lanzar ataques, es cumplir cuando cuenta.  Con Rick Scott, sigamos trabajando.

LT. GOVERNOR CARLOS LOPEZ-CANTERA TRANSLATED:Rick Scott faced the crisis head-on.  He cut taxes forty times, reformed Medicaid for the neediest and secured unprecedented funding for education.  Leadership is not about making promises or launching attacks; it’s delivering when it counts. With Rick Scott, let’s keep working.

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CHYRON TRANSLATED:Reforms to Medicaid

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CHYRON TRANSLATED: Historic $20 Billion in Funds for Education

DISCLAIMER: Anuncio político pagado por el Partido Republicano de la Florida, 420 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301.  El Partido Republicano de la Florida apoya y le pide a usted que vote por Rick Scott para Gobernador, Jeanette Nuñez para Representante Estatal Distrito 119, y José Félix Díaz para Representante Estatal Distrito 116.

DISCLAIMER TRANSLATED: Paid political advertisement paid for by the Republican Party of Florida. 420 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301. The Republican Party of Florida endorses and urges you to vote for Rick Scott for Governor, Jeanette Nunez for State Representative District 119, and Jose Felix Diaz for State Representative District 116. Approved by Rick Scott, Jeanette Nunez and Jose Felix Diaz.